The 6-Figure
A live 12 week accelerator to fast track your way to £100k and beyond without a big audience or Ads. Get access to my entire launch content, legal hub, and marketing vault. PLUS you'll have 1:1 support from me (a.k.a the ultimate hype lady) the entire time.

Welcome to The 6-Figure Club a.k.a the live accelerator that guarantees new clients.

The 6 Figure Club is live for a reason. I refuse to sit back and wait while you suss out how to launch passive income funnels that convert, nurture your audience, and create killer offers that have your audience weak at the knees. Nope.

Do it live with me and we’ll achieve all of the above in a fraction of the time.

You’ll be doing all the hard stuff with me by your side, not guiding you, but implementing with you. You get direct one-to-one message & voice note support from me throughout the week.

Not only will you be hashing out your high-ticket offers to get you to those consistent $10k months as quickly as possible…

You’ll also be building passive income streams that’ll support that life of freedom you are chasing.

But, that’s not all. From fine-tuning your personal brand to crafting killer email campaigns, I got you.

Need irresistible social media copy? Done. Want to automate your business so you can chill with your hard-earned cash? On it.

Imposter syndrome and overwhelm? Honeyyy, there are affirmations, meditations, money mindset support, and an active community to keep your vibe high.

Get ready for an interactive, done-with-you training where accountability isn't just a buzzword—it's everything.

So, what are you waiting for?


Sound familiar?

You've poured money into shiny courses sold to you by your favourite influencer. Only to realise, that just because they know Instagram, does not mean they know how to make you money.

You're not just scrolling through social media all day; you're out here trying. But that course you were told to create isn’t sold out like they promised you it would be, it’s out here collecting dust.

You're not just ticking boxes; you genuinely care about your clients. Turns out good intentions alone are not enough.

You thought you’d be hitting that $10K month by now, didn't you? But here you are hustling away doing the "right things" but your bank account is still on snooze.

You are tired of going solo and ready to tackle the tasks that are actually hard (hence why nobody else teaches them properly) with a co-pilot who actually knows wtf they are doing by your side.

You don't want another slideshow; you want someone to sit down and hash it out with you. Live.


What you'll get

4 Live Implementation Workshops (£8000 value)

1: Content Strategy
Create a month's worth of content in 90 minutes

2: Social Selling
Write your nurture sequence and DM scripts based on my prompts and get feedback.

3. Sales Call
What to say and when to say it. Practice live with me.

4. Passive Income Setup
Launch your passive income funnel live with me so we can start making you money while you sleep ASAP.

Private Chat Support  (£6000 value)

Let's ditch the Facebook groups once and for all and start giving you a private + safe space for you to ask absolutely anything without worrying about everyone else reading your question.

From Tuesday through Thursday, you get immediate responses from me via Voxer (similar to WhatsApp).

Technically private access to me makes this course hybrid as one-to-one feedback is unheard of in a group course (especially at this price point).

Bi-Weekly Feedback Sessions (£8600 value)

Present your work, get feedback, and ask questions.

These are strategically placed to allow time for you to gather results on what you implement live in the workshops.

This is where we analyze, tweak, and refine your strategy.

These calls are optional and are there to support you, take them or leave them.

(So that's 3 calls a month with the workshops)

My Entire Marketing, Sales & Legal library (£12000+ value)

Hey, it's me, giving you full permission to copy and paste and do your worst with my viral posts, emails, and social selling scripts that have made me $30k+ in a week on multiple occasions.

You'll also get access to my lawyer-approved legal proposals, contracts and everything you need to legitimise your business (these alone are valued at $6000).

AND for each of the topics you cover there will be training tutorials  and interactive workflows to guide you.

10 Modules of Training Content (£7000 value)

Each of the topics mentioned below will be covered live in session with me AND comes with step-by-step training videos and interactive workflows to help you implement in your own time.

These resources will serve you well as you scale as they train your employees in what you have learnt with me.

So you can offload tasks to them without having to do the training yourself (take it from someone who did not do this early enough, having recorded training materials is a game changer).

Money, Mindset & Manifestation Hub (£2400 value) PLUS Subscription to the Superhuman App

Here you'll have exercises to complete both alone and with your loved ones.

Including money manifestation exercises and affirmations to help you call in those $10k months.

PLUS: Get a free 6-week subscription to my favourite mindfulness and meditation app.


lesson breakdown

What you'll learn

Lesson 1. I am exactly where I am meant to be

This is where you master your market, no huge following or marketing experience needed. Promise. If you're struggling to find a market that resonates with your passion and has growth potential, this is for you. We'll dive deep into selecting the right market by discussing its pain points, purchasing power, and growth potential. You'll learn how to use real-world examples to your advantage and how to get the edge you need to stand out and succeed.

Lesson 2. I am in sync with my audiences wants and needs

This is where you niche down. You have the skills and know you can make a positive change in your clients' lives but have no idea how to stand out. You'll learn how to differentiate yourself using your personality and unique skills in your niche. No matter the size of your audience, even limited resources can turn into gold.

Lesson 3. My offer serves, solves, and sells effortlessly

This is where you create a high-ticket offer that scales to a group course easily. Your offer should feel like an extension of your purpose and passion. Discover how to tune into your target audience's deepest needs and want to shape an offer that is finely tuned to solve specific pain points, making it irresistible.

Lesson 4. I am worthy of financial abundance

This is where you charge your worth. Tired of low revenue because you're scared to charge more? Learn how to boost emotional investment and perceived value to make your price a no-brainer, no matter how high it is. This section will arm you with value-based pricing strategies. No more leaving money on the table.

Lesson 5. My content is a catalyst for change & transformation

This is where your content converts into clients. Master the craft of irresistible lead magnets and discover quick, fuss-free ways to monetize your content. From types of content that make bank to real-world case studies, this is your one-stop shop for creating and monetizing content that truly resonates.

Lesson 6. I make money while I sleep

This is where you learn and implement everything you need to launch passive income streams that convert. You'll learn everything from what to create within your niche, what to price it at, how to leverage passive income streams to funnel into your high-ticket offers. The actual setup, tools, automation, etc. and so much more.

Lesson 7. Selling is natural for me because I back my offer 110%

This is where you learn the tactics and strategies that make high-ticket sales easy. If you get nervous before a sales call and feel as though you have no idea what to say, this is for you. Learn the tactics and strategies that make high-ticket sales easy and practice live with me. This is where you fall in love with sales.

Lesson 8. Dream clients are already on their way to me

This is where you dive deep into inbound marketing. No fluff, just actionable strategies to get your dream clients knocking on your door. We'll arm you with proven organic marketing methods to rev up your lead generation engine.  There are no 'show and tell' theory-based teachings here —our interactive daily implementation checklist ensures you're forging meaningful relationships with new prospects every single day. This is where your dream audience turns into real, paying clients.

Lesson 9. I am always in the right place at the right time

This is where you leverage automation and AI to ensure you reach as many people as possible. No huge following or marketing experience needed.  Live in session you will set up ai tools and and be guided on how to run them. This is where you do whatever it takes to serve your dream clients by making sure your messaging gets in front of them.

Lesson 10. Each move I make gets me one step closer to where I want to be

This is where you prepare to scale your offer to a group offering. This is how you grow your bank account without sacrificing more time in your calendar. It's how you magnify your impact and grow at the same time. Learn the process of leveraging your current client feedback to dream up a group offering or membership that's as irresistible as your one-on-one services. By the end of this module, scaling won't just be a concept—it'll be your new reality.

Why listen to me?

In 2022 I left my corporate career as a Marketing Executive with no following, personal brand, or website.

I'd spent years helping the companies I worked for go viral, make millions off of content, and hack their growth. But not once did I think to start setting myself up on the side, using the strategies I used every single day. Rookie error.

Fortunately, that didn't matter.

Because I had one thing in my favour: Expertise.

During my career, my marketing campaigns generated millions of dollars for international coaches and tech startups.

When I went solo I applied the strategies used in those campaigns to my consulting services.

I realised early on that strategy alone was not enough. Setting up and scaling your own business is a lot on the nervous system.

So I honed in on my yoga, meditation and mindfulness training to support myself through the discomfort that comes with rapid growth.

Within 3 months I was fully booked, with a waiting list, manically creating a course to scale my one-to-one offer so I could serve the women waiting to work with me.

In my first year, I exceeded £100,000+ in cash, launched and sold out a group course (twice), worked with 34 one-to-one clients, taught over 400 students in free events, and was invited to speak at multiple workshops and summits.

My story is living proof that launching your personal brand doesn't have to be a creative struggle. And being a sold-out entrepreneur doesn't need to be difficult.

If you've got the skills to turn lives around; I've got the plan and experience to keep your calendar full.


This is for you if...

  • You're offering one-to-one services but aren't fully booked yet. Imagine a 12-week, done-with-you journey to hit max capacity.
  • You've been going solo and yearn for an expert co-pilot. Picture live, actionable training that actually moves the needle.
  • You're sick of courses filled with fluff and crave hands-on strategies. Think ad campaigns, audience nurturing, and killer offers.
  • You're done with passive slideshows and seek live, interactive sessions. Visualize hashing out strategies together, in real-time.
  • You're open to a mindset shift and could use a vibe boost. Envision daily affirmations, meditations, and a high-vibe community to keep you accountable.
  • You are ready to fully commit to a 12-week journey because you're tired of sitting on the sidelines. You're all in.

If you're nodding "yes" to any of these, you're exactly where you need to be. This isn't just another course; it's a 12-week partnership designed to get you fully booked.

This is NOT for you if ...

  • You're into multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes. This is about building a genuine, sustainable business.
  • You're searching for a quick, get-rich plan without real effort or value-add. No shortcuts here.
  • You don't have a business yet. Come back when you're ready to go full throttle.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone scares you. This is a hands-on course; you've got to be willing to dig in.
  • You expect overnight success. Real results require time and effort, period.
  • You're not planning to invest your time and energy. This course demands both.
  • Learning and implementing new strategies isn't your thing. If you're not open, you won't benefit.

If any of these ring true, this course probably isn't your best match. Reach out to me via email or book a call if you have questions.


"Molly was so great to work with! She helped me launch my first ever group course and it sold out! I've learnt SO much valuable information and tips in the 3 months we've been together which has elevated my own confidence and business enough that I was able to quit my safety job and go all in working for myself - the dream! Molly answered all my questions promptly and gave me great feedback and advice along the way. She was also super flexible and accomodating with our call schedule.I highly recommend her to anyone ready to fast track their business, course creation and launches. I would not be anywhere near where I am right now without her. Super grateful!!"


Naturopath & Women's Health Coach

"When I started working with Molly I had ideas for my offering, but was feeling a bit stuck as to how to move forward with bringing it to market. She helped me shape my business to make it more commercially viable, and had so many useful insights into the different ways I could handle outreach. I was a total marketing novice so it was really beneficial to work with someone who knew lots about this, and also who is such a lovely support. She truly backs her clients and wants success for them. Very grateful.”

Sarah Ratner

Mindfulness & Business Coach

“I can't recommend Molly highly enough! Her knowledge, expertise and energy are second to none. Since working with Molly, I've hit my highest month revenue in business to date, through new inbound clients as well as guest speaker opportunities. And I've built a supportive, inspiring network which is invaluable. Working with Molly has definitely been the best business investment I've made.”

Jennifer Spurr

Career & Leadership Coach

£44000 worth of value for...

Frequently asked questions...

Who is this for?

Any service provider, coach, consultant, wellness professional or healer who wants to be fully booked, charge high-ticket; and make money while they sleep.

You need to already have a business idea to make the most of this course.

How much is the training?

The full price is £3200. Keep your eye out for offers.

Why should I listen to you?

As a Marketing Executive, I (Molly, the Founder) managed multi-million dollar launches for tech companies and Internationally renowned coaches. Since going solo my own business has generated multiple 6-figures in CASH in under 2 years, all while working 2-4 hours a day, 3 days a week (max!).

Do you have a guarantee?

I back the strategies I teach 110%.

If you have completed the course and implemented the strategies and don't land a single new client, I'll put my money where my mouth is and invest in your one-to-one offer.

How long until I see results?

Having skin in the game creates a certain kinda frequency. We've had students land client's within hours of booking!

In the first year of using the exact strategies in this course, I made £100k+ in revenue. And now, nearly two years later I'm building my dream villa in Bali paid in cash, using the money my business has made.

As for my clients, just scroll up to see their results. £6k days and £10k weeks are common. Being fully-booked is the norm.

How long do I get access?

You'll get access to all course materials and all updates for one year.

Access to me via Voxer ends on the final day of the course.

When does it start and when are the live calls?

We start on May 9th 2024. The calls will be on a Thursday.

There are two options for the calls, one accommodating the US-Australia-NZ timezone, the second for those in the UK and Europe.

Can I have extra support?

Yes. There is a VIP track available. Book a call to apply.

Still have a question?

If you cannot find answer to your questions in our FAQ, you can always contact us.


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