LinkedIn Unlocked
Learn how to turn your LinkedIn into a client-generating machine. No spam. No posting daily. No cold outreach. Just strategic inbound marketing methods taught to you by a pro.

Start date March 13

From crickets to a steady flow of clients, viral posts, and genuine collaborations in 12 weeks

LinkedIn has the potential to take your coaching business to the next level. The opportunity is there, if you are ready to take it.

In just 12 weeks, you'll go from zero presence on LinkedIn to 5-figure months, 6-figure contracts, and live events with 150+ live attendees.learn how to build an engaged audience of potential buyers on LinkedIn, understand SEO, and feel confident using keywords in your content strategy. You'll also learn how to incorporate LinkedIn and Sales Navigator into your launch strategy to find high-paying clients.

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Does this sound familiar?

You’re in deep with another coaching program but know that you need to focus on specific strategies that will actually bring money into your business NOW.

I am your consultant, not your coach. A coach enables and encourages you to solve problems, while a consultant is an expert that will solve problems for you. With my guidance, you can overcome your current challenges and reach your goals faster and more efficiently than if you were to go it alone. On average, my clients get ROI on the entire course investment within the first month.

You’ve given LinkedIn a go before, and it didn’t work.

I take a results-driven approach and work closely with you to develop a strategy that is specifically tailored to you. I've worked with numerous coaches from a variety of niches. Each of them now gets the majority of their clients through LinkedIn using the strategies I teach, including those who have had a similar experience to you. Let's have a conversation about how we can work together to achieve your business goals and succeed on LinkedIn.

Do you feel overwhelmed with your current strategy, and unsure if your message is even being heard?

I believe in using ethical sales and marketing strategies to ensure you meet your goals. It is possible to have a steady flow of new clients without using manipulative sales and marketing strategies. We'll work to develop messaging and communication strategies that highlight your value and how you serve and support your clients without creating scarcity or applying pressure to your audience. My goal is to help you develop a customised approach that achieves your goals, all while staying true to my values of kindness, compassion, and selling solutions with a genuine intention to serve.


Module 1: Create a Killer Profile that Converts

Start by getting clear on who your ideal client is and how you serve them.

Module 2: How to Get Found on LinkedIn

Learn how to write content that'll lead your prospects right into your arms using SEO.

Module 3: Content Creation for LinkedIn

Gone are the days of wondering what to post and when. Learn what content to create on LinkedIn and why.

Module 4: How to Engage with Purpose

No more posting into the wind. You'll cover the step-by-step daily actions to ensure your content gets traction  - EVERY - time you post.

Module 5: How to Track What is Working + Why

Do you wonder what is working, and why it's working? Learn how to build your strategy based on your marketing data (without using a spreadsheet).

Module 6: Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

Let's be real, Sales Nav. is not the most user-friendly tool out there. That is why we'll dive deep into how to use the tool to find + convert your ideal clients.

Module 7: Time Saving Tool Training

Set up automation tools that'll make your life 10x easier. Grow, scale, and convert high-ticket clients on LinkedIn in 20-minutes a day using these hacks.

Module 8: DM Strategy + Value Based Outreach

Copy & paste my DM scripts to help you open up conversations without feeling like you're forcing things. Strategically encourage your ideal client to ask to work with you, rather than trying to sell.

Module 9: Social Selling + Sales Call Strategy

Social selling takes your prospect through the sales process. From the point, they first interact with your brand to the sale. Learn the strategies I used in million-dollar launches.

Module 10: LinkedIn Lead Generation

Pull all the skills you've learnt together into your very own rinse and repeat organic lead generation strategy.

Calls with Molly

Included in this program are 6 group calls every other week.

+$4200 of BONUSES

+ 160 content prompts

+ Complete Launch Calendar

+ The LinkedIn Launch 3-hour training

+ DM Scripts that drive conversions

+ Access to our private community

The LinkedIn Unlocked Course

14 modules of training to learn the exact tools and strategies used in million-dollar launches for international coaches and service providers across all industries.

Interactive workflows and checklists that you can personalise to create your very own rinse-and-repeat LinkedIn strategy.

Full Search-Engine-Optimisation SEO and keywords for LinkedIn training (valued at £1800)

Access to all program content, including calls and materials for 1 year to ensure you have time to implement what you learn

3 Months’ of Consulting Calls

Done-with-you is at the centre of this training this is why you have access to group consultation calls every other week to ask any questions, get feedback, and optimise your LinkedIn strategy.

Bi-weekly calls commencing 13th March at 11.30am GMT/ 06.30am ET

Calls take a question-and-answer structure.

Learn from your fellow course members.

Learn from the questions and insights shared by other members of the community.

Bonuses (valued at $2222+)

14 modules of training to learn the exact tools and strategies used in million-dollar launches for international coaches and service providers across all industries.

Interactive workflows and checklists that you can personalise to create your very own rinse-and-repeat LinkedIn strategy.

Full Search-Engine-Optimisation SEO and keywords for LinkedIn training (valued at £1800)

Access to all program content, including calls and materials for 1 year to ensure you have time to implement what you learn


Learn how to find & close high-ticket clients on LinkedIn

This was my 1st ever-free masterclass. 42 people turned up live and stayed till the end. 14 of those became clients, each paying between $6000 - $2000. The masterclass was exclusively marketed as an event on LinkedIn.

Why listen to me?

In 2022, I left my corporate career as a Marketing Executive with $5000 in my bank account and 150 connections on LinkedIn.

I had no following, "personal brand," or website.

But none of that mattered.

I was determined to avoid returning to the grind of working 50+ hour weeks, sacrificing sleep, neglecting my loved ones, and living in constant anxiety.

I had one thing in my favour: expertise.

Over the years, my marketing campaigns had generated millions of dollars for international coaches and tech companies.

All I needed to do was apply them to my consulting services, and I would have a successful business... right?

It actually was that simple. I kid you not.

In my first year of business, I exceeded six figures in cash sterling, launched and sold out a group course (twice), worked with 22 one-to-one clients, taught over 400 students in free events, and was invited to speak at multiple events.

Launching your personal brand doesn't have to be a creative struggle.

Becoming a fully booked coach is not difficult.My mission is to help you seamlessly embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

And for those of you already in the trenches, unsure of where things went wrong, I will guide you back on track.

LinkedIn Unlocked is for you if...

  • You are a coach, consultant, service provider, or someone with a purpose looking to leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your business
  • You currently have zero presence on LinkedIn and want to establish a strong and impactful online presence
  • You aspire to earn a five-figure monthly income by tapping into the immense potential of LinkedIn's professional network
  • You are determined to secure lucrative six-figure contracts by showcasing your expertise and building strong connections with key decision-makers
  • You dream of hosting live events with an impressive attendance of 150+ individuals, creating opportunities for networking and expanding your reach
  • You are ready to commit to a 12-week journey that will provide you with comprehensive strategies and techniques to unlock LinkedIn's full potential
  • You understand the importance of building a solid personal brand and want to learn how to effectively position yourself as an authority in your industry on LinkedIn
  • You are motivated, ambitious, and willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve remarkable results on LinkedIn and accelerate the growth of your business

LinkedIn Unlocked is NOT for

  • Individuals involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes or seeking to promote pyramid-style business models on LinkedIn
  • People looking for quick get-rich schemes without a genuine desire to serve others and provide value to their connections
  • Those who do not have a business or offer set up yet and are not ready to take the necessary steps to establish their presence on LinkedIn
  • If you’re unwilling to step out of your comfort zones and be brave in showcasing your expertise and engaging with your audience online
  • Those seeking overnight success without recognising the importance of consistent effort, dedication, and building meaningful connections over time
  • Individuals who have no intention of investing time and energy into cultivating a strong personal brand and leveraging LinkedIn as a platform for growth
  • People who are not open to learning and implementing new strategies, techniques, and best practices to maximise their impact on LinkedIn
  • Individuals who are not ready to commit to the 12-week program and fully participate in the learning process, including active engagement with the program content and community




Success for our client's personal brands across all industries


Frequently asked questions...

Who is this for?

Any service provider, coach, consultant, or soon-to-be who wants to find their clients online, charge high-ticket; and build a personal brand.

FYI: LinkedIn is not a platform reserved for corporate cronies. It welcomes all online coaches and consultants, from holistic nutritionists to leadership coaches. Our clients have scaled to consistent 10k - 20k months and found their first 6-figure contracts on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn & why now?

As a personal brand, you need an online presence.

There really is no getting around it.

LinkedIn is the #1 business platform, if your goal is to make money and find clients it's the logical space to build a network.

The amount of personal brands taking to LinkedIn to find clients and build an audience is increasingly rapidly, if you want to be the authority within your field the time to start is now.

Why should I listen to you?

As a Marketing Executive, I (Molly, the Founder) managed multi-million dollar launches for tech companies ad Internationally renowned coaches.

The platform that always provided the most organic leads was LinkedIn, time after time. That is why I chose to teach the platform... because it works.

Do you have a guarantee?

I back the strategies I teach 110%.

If you have completed the course and implemented the strategies for 4 months and still aren't happy, you'll get your money back.

How long until I see results?

Some of our clients have landed their first paying customer within the first 2 weeks! This will depend on how clear you are on your ideal client and how active you are on LinkedIn.

In the first year of using the exact strategies in this course, I made $100k in revenue, all from LinkedIn. No Ads, no paid-marketing, no influencers... just inbound lead generation strategies.

How long do I get access?

You'll get access to the course materials and all updates for one year, these are done on a monthly basis.

Access to the exclusive community for 1 year.

Can I have extra support?

My team are superstars. We have a graphic design genius who can help you with your Canva creations and a Product Designer who can help you get all your online business platforms looking swanky.

You are also welcome to book extra consultations with me to up-level your business practices and marketing plan.

Still have a question?

If you cannot find answer to your questions in our FAQ, you can always contact us.


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